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Trust to help fans have say on new stadium

The Board of the Supporters Trust welcomes in principle the club's decision to look into building a new 30,000-capacity stadium "not too far from Ashton Gate".

Whilst we all feel affection for the current ground (and will now savour the next few years there all the more), we also have hopes of seeing City play again one day at the highest level and recognise that a larger, modern stadium with greater non-matchday revenue potential can better help to make that dream come true.

We appreciate that many supporters have strong views on what goes into making a great football ground. We also acknowledge that some will be wary of moving to what they might call a 'soulless concrete bowl'. We are therefore delighted that Steve Lansdown has called on the Supporters Trust to work with fans on ideas for the new stadium.

Fans who feel they have played their part in the way the ground looks and (importantly) sounds, will clearly be more inclined to fill it to the rafters and to make it a reverberating fortress feared by every team in the land.

This is therefore a great opportunity for the club and the fans to work hand in hand, and we applaud the chairman's invitation to fans to get involved via the Trust in helping to shape this exciting project.

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