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Elections and Annual General Meeting

The Trust will be holding its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 8.00 pm on 31st May at Bristol Imperial Sports Club, Knowle. (See link below for details and map).

This event is open to all members and non-members, though only members will be able to vote. The event will feature reports by the Acting Chairman and Treasurer, a vote as to whether to elect the board and a vote to approve the Trusts suggested auditors. As the Trust has not yet completed a year of trading there will be no laying of accounts.

Following the Annual General Meeting there will be a meeting of the working party. Likely topics of discussion are the return of the ĎAsk Steve Lí forum, the future format of meetings now a board (hopefully) has been elected and the forthcoming Sportsmanís Dinner. All present are welcome to stay and observe or join in.

The elections proved to be disappointing with only ten members putting themselves forward for a board position. There were no contested positions ensuring that all ten vacant board positions were filled. A vote will now be taken on the night of the AGM to either elect the board as it stands or to re-open elections.

Of the ten that stood for a board position none came from outside the working party. The Trust continues to be reliant on a core of members and it is heartening to see that some of these individuals have formally committed to supporting the Trust. All those working for the Trust do so voluntarily and because they love Bristol City. Whilst the Trust has a policy whereby individuals are free to contribute the time they have to spare the workload of some is still high and increasing the numbers of those working for the Trust will be a key issue for the new board to resolve.

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