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Behind the scenes with Scott Murray

On the 16th of February 5 excited children (Luke aged 7, Abbie 10, Monty 5, Freddie 13, and William 15) as well as 3 very excited Mums and Dads turned up at Ashton Gate for their behind the scenes tour with Scott Murray.

Scott was brilliant, and a great ambassador for the club.  We got to go in the press room, the players lounge, everybody got to sit in the directors box, and then walked out of the old tunnel and got to sit in the home dugout. 

After posing for a few photos, we walked round the pitch, and into the referees room, where Luke got to push the bell which summons the players into the tunnel before a match.  Then it was onto the changing room complete with a handful of players, who were happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.  We went onto into the kit room where the children were encouraged by Scott to try on some of the players boots.  It was lucky we didnít stay in there too long, because as we left we bumped into Roger Barton the kitman! Roger handed me Louis Careyís captainís armband and said I could have it to auction off for the Supporters Club & Trust.   

Everybody stopped briefly for a rest -  on the couches in the physio room!  -  before we headed into the gym where Scott showed us the wall containing every players individual exercise plan.  At the end of the tour everyone sneaked onto the pitch briefly, before Craig the groundsman spotted us!

At this point Scott took all their autograph books, and said he would get the rest of the players to sign them, and then post them back out.  He also said if they emailed him the photos everybody had taken, he would get them blown up properly, and get the players in the pictures to sign the photos, and then would post them back.   Scott also offered to get the armband given to me by Roger signed by Louis.

Scott then posed for photos, although the parents and I were more excited at this prospect!

A good afternoon was had by all, and the kids were very impressed. 

Tim, one of the Dads, said: "All the children (from aged 5 to 44) loved the visit! It was amazing to see behind the scenes and Scotty was simply brilliant, so glad that someone who has been a hero of mine for so many years is even nicer in the flesh."

Andrew, another Dad said: "When I told the kids they had both won a behind the scenes tour of Ashton Gate they were literally bouncing with excitement!!  They were so pleased to see the players dressing room, to ring the referees bell, to walk out of the tunnel and to see the gym. To meet Louis, Dollymarie, Lewin and Kalifa was awesome as well as being shown round by super Scott!! Thanks again to Marie and Scott for making it happen, two happy kids and a happy daddy!!"


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