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A step closer to bursting the bubble

Bristol City Supporters Trust convened a meeting on December 10th to continue discussions on the ongoing issue of “Bubble” matches between Bristol City and Swansea City. Also present at the meeting were senior representatives from South Wales Police, Avon & Somerset Police, Swansea City FC, Bristol City FC and the Swans Trust.

The practice of restricting travel to official coaches for games has had a detrimental impact on attendances, atmosphere and revenue for both football clubs. All parties therefore came together for a frank discussion of the issues and started to look for ways to move away from bubble matches.

Stephen Lansdown, Bristol City Chairman said: “Getting all the right people around the table with a commitment to unwrap the bubble is the only way to tackle situations like these”. Huw Jenkins, Swansea City Chairman agreed saying: “We made some progress and it’s now down to both clubs to come up with firm proposals to put to the relevant police authorities.  There is still some work to do”. Huw Cooze from the Swans Trust echoed all the above sentiments and believes a lot of positives came from the meeting. He said: “ Although more negotiation is needed it is in everyone’s interest to burst the bubble”.

Bristol City Trust representative Stuart Rogers acknowledged that ultimately, if there is to be any relaxation of the travel restrictions, it will be down to both sets of fans to take responsibility for their actions. Rogers said: “It will be in our hands. The vast majority will always comply and enjoy their day out.  However, we know that things can sometimes go wrong due to the actions of a few. I would like to thank all parties, especially South Wales Police, for engaging in these conversations and look forward to the next stage”.

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