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Trust to unveil special plaque to Ashton Gate Eight

On Wednesday February 3rd 1982, eight Bristol City footballers, Peter Aitken, Chris Garland, Jimmy Mann, Julian Marshall, Geoff Merrick, David Rodgers, Gerry Sweeney and Trevor Tainton, made a huge career sacrifice by tearing up their contracts in order to save our club from extinction.

Fitting tribute
Bristol City Supporters Trust, in association with Bristol City Football Club, is proud to announce a unique and fitting tribute to this group of players, who became known as The Ashton Gate Eight. A number of The Eight will be back at Ashton Gate Stadium this Saturday, October 17th, at 12.45pm, for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in their honour, which has been created by local specialist signage firm, HPH Signs.

Using its own patented “armourbrite” technology, HPH Signs produced the 3-foot commemorative plaque, which is shaped in the form of a number ‘8’ with the players’ names etched in the centre. The plaque has been mounted on a sloping plinth next to the players’ entrance, which is located behind the Atyeo Stand. 

Trust commissions plaque
The plaque was commissioned by Bristol City Supporters Trust to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ashton Gate Eight, using funds raised at an anniversary dinner held in 2007 and from sales of the Trust’s book to commemorate the occasion - “'82 - The Year Bristol City Nearly Died”. 

Trevor Tainton reads "'82 - The Year Bristol City Nearly Died"

“This plaque represents an historic achievement for the Club and celebrates the individuals who secured the Club’s future more than a quarter of a century ago.  We wanted to ensure the finished product would not only stand the test of time but also look good at all times,” explains spokesperson for the Supporters Trust, Andrew Marshfield.

Symbol of pride
Lindsay Holdoway, Managing Director of HPH Signs, recognised that the Club required a sign that was both durable and would also stand out as a symbol of pride at the Club's home ground. 

“When we were approached by Bristol City Supporters Trust we understood immediately that they were looking for something distinct and long-lasting that could act as an important reminder of the Club’s heritage.  Armourbrite’s tarnish-free finish ensures the sign will avoid corrosion, retaining an as-new look, despite continuous exposure to weather and with limited cleaning."

See unveiling and buy signed copies
Supporters who want to see the unveiling of the plaque are encouraged to be at Ashton Gate in good time for 12.45 this Saturday.  Following the unveiling there will be opportunities to meet some of the Ashton Gate Eight and to buy signed copies of the "'82 - The Year Bristol City Nearly Died".

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