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Trust calls on club to play fair on tickets

The Supporters Trust is calling on Bristol City Football Club to make every effort to enable genuine fans to secure any remaining tickets for the play-off final.

As we see it, the situation is this: 

  • 17,400 tickets went into the hands of Season Ticket holders and City Foundation members.
  • 18,607 have gone on general sale.
  • The club has no control over who has purchased these tickets.
  • Many genuine City fans have failed to secure a play-off final ticket.
  • Stories are circulating via internet forums, email and newspapers of touts and other people having never been to Ashton Gate gloating about getting tickets
  • Nobody has been able to choose their seat or even part of the ground due to the Ticketmaster sales process
  • The sales were phone only for Season Ticket holders, phone and online for general sale
  • Hull City prioritised existing and new season ticket holders and sold by phone, online and in person from the club's ticket office
  • There is no guarantee that an extra ticket allocation will not be sold by City in the same way as Sunday's 18,607 

No choice / Ticket exchange
The Trust made strong representation prior to the first sales period on the initial issue of not having any choice of seat. In trying to assist fans who found themselves in areas of the ground where they didn't want to sit, the Trust then subsequently set up an online ticket swap function to facilitate ticket exchanges.

Extra allocation?
In the event that an extra allocation of tickets becomes available, the Trust has again made strong representation requesting that the club ensures that these tickets do end up in the hands of genuine City fans.

Fair allocation
Given the short time available, we believe the only practicable way to ensure this is for the club to sell directly to fans at Ashton Gate who can evidence being on the club's database. It would also make sense to restrict sales to 2 per person

We believe that only genuine fans will be prepared to do this and that this will cut down the possibility of tickets falling into the wrong hands. 

Fair play for exiles
We would also like to see tickets sold over the telephone to City fans, who are on the database, but don't have a Bristol postcode, thus ensuring exiles also have an equal chance of obtaining tickets. We propose that 50% are allocated for personal callers and 50% for exiles by telephone.

Plea to the club
The Trust now calls publicly on the club to take the right course of action and make every effort to enable genuine fans to secure any remaining tickets for the play-off final.

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