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We’ve Got Jet Balloons - The gas, the gas...

The Supporters Trust has arranged for the delivery to Ashton Gate from Holland of 500 red and 500 white whistling jet balloons. We are hopeful these will arrive in time for Wednesday night’s clash with the other lot, a fixture which the Club has designated as Red & White Night.

All being well, we will be handing the jet balloons to supporters in Blocks C and D of the Dolman Stand, where the roof is high enough to accommodate the balloons’ prodigious upward flight.

Supporters in receipt of these balloons should inflate them as soon as they are able and hold them tightly by the whistle end. They should not tie a knot in them. Just hold them proudly and wait until the signal comes to release them.

Shortly before kick off, the announcer will give a signal to ‘get rid of the Gas’ and on the count of three, and guided by Supporters Trust members in the stand, the fans will release their balloons in unison.

With a great whistling the balloons will slowly rise into the floodlit sky. Fans around the ground may care to serenade their flight with a chant of “Going up, Going up, Going Up.”

Balloons before and after release.

Critical to the success of the jet balloon operation is what happens afterwards. For obvious reasons of health and safety, it is vital that balloons are promptly thrown away and not reused. Trust members will scurry around trying to pick up as many deflated balloons as possible. If one lands near you, please hand it to a Trust member or throw it away safely at home.

If all goes well, we hope to arrange for a much larger release at a future date, so if you are involved in the balloon release, please abide by the following rules.

1. Do not reinflate a flat balloon. You don’t know where it’s been!

2. Keep balloons away from children under three. The balloons and the whistle inside them are choking hazards.

3. Supervise all children under eight.

More images of these jet balloons can be found here.

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