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Special Offer! 6 Months’ Membership for £5

6 Months’ Membership for £5

There’s never been a better time to join the Supporters Trust.

We really are making a difference. We’ve negotiated on your behalf to improve ticketing arrangements for big matches. We’ve improved supporter interaction with the Club board via “Ask the Chairman” forums for home and exiled fans. We’ve helped to get home fans back in the East End. We’ve conducted members’ surveys, ensuring that all arguments presented to the club are evidence-based.

We’ve raised money through social functions, sponsorship, and members’ subscriptions, which has enabled supporters to invest £5,000 in the Club. Partly as a result, we now have an elected fans’ representative attending Club board meetings.

We’ve shown that City fans have a heart. We’ve organised the Ashton Gate Eight 25th Anniversary dinner and published a commemorative booklet for the occasion. We’re campaigning to re-introduce U16 Away travel trips and to save the Wedlock’s pub from redevelopment as flats. At the same time, we’re trying to make supporting City a bit more fun. Our fundraisers are always terrific value for money, and we can even find sponsors for one-off stunts like the ‘Always Believe’ foam hands.

To help us to achieve more, we need your support, and the best way you can do that is to join. To make joining the Trust as easy as possible for you, we’ve launched a brilliant one-note deal: a six-month Red membership can now be yours for only £5 (usually £1 a month).

In this deal you just click on the button below which will take you to our PayPal account or complete the simple form below and hand your £5 to a Supporters Trust board member (ask to see their membership card if you’re unsure). In return and on the spot, we’ll give you a membership card and car sticker, two parts of the regular Red membership package. (Depending on Club offers, the membership card may give you priority for ticket purchases.) We’ll then post your Share Certificate, along with a full application form with standing order form. If you would like to maintain your Red membership or upgrade to Silver or Gold membership, simply return the application form to us within six months along with your standing order.

Download the '£5 for 6 month form here.

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