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To become a member simply print off and return our application form, which will find on pages 10-11 of the 2008 Supporters Trust newsletter: 

2008 Newsletter

The first £1 of your membership fee buys you a nominal share in the Trust and the other benefits listed below. Part of your contribution will cover the Trustís expenses including printing costs, hall hire, stationery etc and any surplus will go to the general fund.

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership of a Bristol City Fans Group set up by Bristol City Supporters exclusively for Bristol City Supporters
  • The more members we have, the more powerful the voice and the more able we will be to achieve our stated aims
  • As the Supporters Trust has already invested several thousand pounds in shares, you will rightfully be able to claim that you own a part of Bristol City Football Club.
  • Contributing to an organisation that aims to purchase sufficient shares that it justifies having an elected representative on the seat of the board. In so doing we start to influence decisions rather than react to them.
  • If you already own shares in Bristol City Football Club by assigning your voting rights the collective voice of Supporters becomes more powerful.
  • The current Club board will allow us to specify how the money raised for share purchase is utilised by the Club. Our current project is to raise money for a statue to John Atyeo.
  • You can become part of an organisation that helps bring the community together off the field; an entertaining and successful football team on the field will surely follow.
  • Helping to build an organisation that has the future of Bristol City Football Club at the heart of its existence.

Red Membership (£1 per month / £12 a year / £150 for Lifetime membership)

  • Membership Card
  • Annual newsletter
  • Quarterly email bulletins
  • Email bulletins and option to vote (one member one vote) on matters as they arise.
  • Potential for discounts with sponsoring companies using the Membership Card
  • Invitation to organised fan events
  • Open access to attend, vote at (aged 16+ only) and contribute to Supporters Trust meetings including the AGM. Meetings may include guest speakers
  • The right to stand for election to the Trust Board (aged 18+ only)
  • Car Sticker
  • Share Certificate

Silver Membership (£2.50 per month / £30 a year)

  • All the benefits of red membership
  • £5 City Megastore voucher
  • The more funds we raise, the stronger the voice of supporters and the sooner we achieve the aim of fans representation on the board.
  • Entered into raffle for signed Bristol City 1st Team Shirt (or equivalent) at the end of each season.

Gold Membership (minimum £5 per month / £60 a year)

  • All the benefits of silver membership
  • The knowledge that all funds over £2.50 per month enter the Share Fund. This fund will only be used to secure the Supporters Trust a permanent place on the board of Bristol City Football Club. Please read important notes on the Application Form.

So what are you waiting for? Go to pages 10-11 of the 2008 Newsletter now!

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