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Wembley Ticket Exchange - Find a Swap

Before proceeding please note this
ticket exchange etiquette

The ticket exchange operates as a sub-section of the OTIB fans' forum.

1. Please word your posts in the following format:

Title:  Offer 2 x £62, block 550
Sub-title: Want 2 x £62, block 134 or similar

Message: Please contact me via PM
Or:  Please contact me via PM or e-mail at
Or:  Please contact me via PM or e-mail at or phone   01179 123456

(NB: The PM - Personal Message - system is available only to established users of the OTIB forum.  New members, please use an e-mail address or phone number as your contact details)

2. No profiteering!
The aim of this exchange is simply to allow fans to swap tickets at face value.  If you are swapping tickets of differing values, then, of course, itís OK to ask the person with the lower value ticket to make up the difference.  However, if you are asked by any poster to pay a penny more, please report them and they will be banned from OTIB.

3. The exchange
We recommend that you meet to do your swap before the big day.  If thatís not possible and you decide to meet in London, we recommend that you agree a deadline after which time the swap is off, so that you arenít left still waiting for your swap partner to turn up at 2.55pm!  Making sure your mobile is fully charged would also be a good idea.

4. The risk
There shouldnít be any, as youíll simply be swapping with a fellow fan.  It may even be somebody youíve seen at Ashton Gate.  However, satisfy yourself that you are dealing with an honest person.  If in any doubt, we recommend you do not proceed with the swap.  Ultimately, however, it is your decision and you agree by using this forum that no individual or organisation involved in setting it up can be held in any way responsible if anything goes wrong with your ticket exchange.

PS: The OTIB Forum
This ticket exchange is being operated as part of the OTIB fans' forum.  If you're not an existing member of OTIB, don't worry.  Joining up is simple!  Just follow the instructions on the screen.

However, if you are unsure and would prefer someone to post your details on your behalf, please send an email to who will be happy to do this for you.

Good luck with finding a swap and enjoy the game!

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