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We're Bristol City, We Always Believe

By Miles Hendy

For the past 30 years, for those of us old enough to have lived through that era our lives supporting Bristol City had until recently conditioned us to expect failure, under-achievement and disappointment.

But not anymore. Now we believe.

For the past two years, we have witnessed a group of players work tirelessly for each other. We know, as evidenced by ProZone, that the work rate of our team surpasses that of every other team in the Championship. We believe these Bristol City players will toil with football-sized hearts for each other and for success.

We have seen how this team believes in itself. How it keeps going until the final whistle. The team has such a superior level of fitness that it fights to the last minute and can punish physically weaker teams as games draw to a close. We believe our boys will keep going to the end and finish strongly.

We believe that every man in our squad is worthy of calling themselves a Premier League footballer. We have players that have demonstrated exceptional consistency throughout the season. We have players who run marathons throughout the course of the match. We have players capable of turning any game with their flair and brilliance. We have players who are hitting their peak of form at just the right time. And most importantly, we have players who play as a team. We believe in our players.

On Saturday afternoon, the belief in our team will be tangible. The players will know that with every pass, every tackle, every save and every shot that they will have 38,000 City fans believing in them. Together and united, Bristol City fans and Bristol City players will be an all-powerful force.

We're Bristol City, we always believe.

The views expressed in this 'Soapbox' section are those of the author of each article and do not necessarily reflect those of the Bristol City Supporters Trust

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