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Deadline Decisivness Or Deadbeats?

By Bristol Boy

There appears to be two schools of thought on this.

The first one seems to be that we need a striker. GJ must have agreed because he’s confirmed that he’s been looking for one. We also know that we were unsuccessful in two bids for major players earning decent money in Pospisil & Holt.

They didn’t come, but that wasn’t due to any lack of will on the part of the Manager or Chairman, as money wasn’t the determining factor.

Once the decision was made to find one, then it’s a matter of who we’d like and GJ’s to old in the tooth to go after Alan Smith or Thierry Henry, who’s available and perhaps the most important, who actually wants to come, on the basis that, for eight games, money wouldn’t probably have been a major factor once the unattainable were excluded.

We all forget that, whilst we think that BCFC is the greatest, to players elsewhere, we are just another League One club. That’s why GJ has targeted players at Barnet amongst others although, players who don’t see a window of opportunity at Premierships Clubs-Liam Fontaine, can also want first team football and the greater security of contract and opportunity sometimes on offer at a smaller/lower division club.

It appears that no player matching the criteria I believe most would like to see-Better or as good as our best, track record in lower divisions or a tremendous talent that we could only expect to loan (Aliadiere, Forsell??) could be found. I remember playing Brentford with Paul Merson in the side and Swansea with John Salako.

Fair enough, we’ve tried, we have what we have, move on, everyone together. Although, I still think we can sign unattached players?

The other school of thought says, perhaps more optimistically, yet quite rightly, that we’re second on merit and that we should go with what we’ve got, perhaps shutting our eyes every time that Brooker or Showunmi go into a fifty fifty or hoping for the best.

They argue that the squad that has seen us score more goals and create more chances than Forest, will see us through to the end. Can our defence hold out for the one nils that have almost become our trademark?

Both views are viable and who’s to say who’s right or wrong?

The answer is that nobody can. We can only surmise until the season’s over and we are either in The Championship with-I’ll guess 10,000-12,000 ST Holders especially if building work reduces capacity to around 15,000.

A halfway decent season will see major away support, a lot of games sell out, with or without building works as the likes of West Ham, Man City, Wolves & WBA arrive in our fair City.

Or in League One with-I’ll guess again, about 6,000 ST holders-Smaller away support and home gates around the 9-10,000 mark. Better players may need to be sold to balance the books and the transfer budget won’t increase, I think it’s fair to say, given that scenario.

On that basis, promotion almost becomes a necessity, doesn’t it?

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